Over $33,000 has been raised to support development of open-source strategy game 0 A.D.

In an IndieGoGo campaign spread over 6 weeks, Wildfire Games, the development team behind the historical warfare title, had sought to raise $160,000 to pay for two full-time developers to work on the game.

The campaign ended last week with a total of $33,251 raised.


‘enough money to “hire” a full-time developer’

Though that sounds disappointing, it is still good news.

The final total may amount to just 20% of the original goal, but as a “flexible” fundraiser Wildfire Games will receive every cent of the money pledged – enough money, the team say, to “hire” a full-time developer to work on the game.

Those who missed the fundraiser can still make a donation (though without the chance of fancy perks) using the on-site donation form. 

Backers who pledged at various “perk” levels will receive their goodies over the coming months.

After the failures of Geary, Ubuntu Edge & Birdie, it’s nice to finally see some success for open-source software on crowdfunding platforms. 

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