asdVerizon Wireless, the largest mobile carrier in the US, is the latest network to throw interest behind Ubuntu Touch.

The company boasts over 115 million subscribers in the United States and is the 19th biggest carrier1 in the world.

It joins 11 other networks, including China Unicom and Indonesia’s Smartfren, in wanting to help steer the development of Canonical’s fledgling platform.

Two networks, one from Australia and one from Spain, are yet to be named.

‘Opportunity to shape Ubuntu’

Canonical say that their membership will ‘give us an opportunity to shape Ubuntu into the most compelling new, alternative platform for mobile.’

Samir Vaidya from the Device Technology team at Verizon Wireless is also optimistic, adding:

“Verizon Wireless is joining Ubuntu’s Carrier Advisory Group to participate in technology discussions around this new platform, which has the ability to bring new and exciting features to developers and ultimately, customers.”

While membership of the CAG is not a commitment to launch, networks within the group will be able to shape the direction and development of Ubuntu Touch into something they’re more likely to be interested in.

Verizon Wireless are no stranger to offering choice. They offer a range of handsets running various mobile OSes, including Windows Phone, Blackberry and iOS.

Could Ubuntu Touch become another flavour to that list?

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