ubuntu 13.04 legal notice
New Location, Same Ol’ Legal Notice

Canonical has added a legal notice to Ubuntu’s ‘About this Computer‘ window in a recent update to Ubuntu 13.04.

The legalese, which informs users of how their Unity search terms are used, is the same as that shown in Ubuntu 12.10 when clicking the ‘Legal Notice’ link in the bottom right-hand corner of the Dash.

Canonical were cajoled into adding such a notice following a backlash from community and privacy rights groups over Ubuntu 12.10’s introduction of Amazon product suggestions in the Dash.

It’s yet unclear whether the existing Dash link will remain in place, and if it does whether it will link to this new section of System Settings rather than launching a web browser, but Canonical are wise to make it more accessible to users looking for information about their system.

The new legal notice joins a recent change to the text shown in the Unity Dash search box, which informs users that it text entered is matched against online as well as local content.

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