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Game Store Gameolith Expands Horizons, No Longer Linux-Only

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Gameolith was, for a while at least, one of the primary places for Linux users to get hold of quality commercial games. 

But Gameolith isn’t going to be Linux-only much longer.

The hands behind the popular service have announced plans to start offering Windows, Mac and Android versions of games alongside those for Linux.

Writing on their blog they say:

“Linux games will be supported as normal – new games will include Linux versions whenever possible – and existing games will continue to be sold. Games may be sold with any combination of platforms, e.g. Windows and Linux, Android and Mac, Linux-only, and so on.”

So what’s promoted the change in direction?

“We’ve decided to go into cross-platform game publishing,’ Gameolith told me earlier today. ‘So we needed a home for our future titles.’

‘The view from here is that the future lies in ubiquitous gaming – buying a game once and playing it anywhere.’

I can’t argue with that. And it makes sense if you look at things the other way round.

All-Platform Gaming

Cast your mind back six short months ago. Would you have predicted that EA, Valve/Steam and the Unity 3D game engine would be saddling up to support our platform? Likely not.

The number of titles in the Ubuntu Software Center continues to swell; each successive Humble Bundle brings new games to the platform; and digital distribution platform Desura added a tux-coloured string to its multi-platform bow.

So it shouldn’t be too surprising to see previously Linux-only merchants making the same moves towards supporting ‘all platform’ gaming.

Subtle Promotion of Linux

Whilst a few Linux purists will baulk at the loss of a cliquey shopfront from which to browser and buy their games, the move is logical, fair and in keeping with wider market trends – and it has the knock on effect of subtly promoting Linux as a gaming platform to those who don’t use it.

And that can only be a good thing.