Football fans spend hours playing simulation management games and the socially-obsessed play titles like ‘The SIMs‘ – but what about the dedicated Linux user who dreams of creating the next Ubuntu?

Enter Linux Tycoon – a ‘Linux Distro Building Simulator game’. Filling a niche you never knew needed filling.

‘Be the Next Mark Shuttleworth’

The premise of the game is simple: create a Linux distro and try to get it to number 1 on the ‘distro charts’ (which are hopefully less liable to gaming than DistroWatch).


To do this you will need to: –

  • Choose a set of software packages
  • Manage a group of volunteer and paid developers
  • Ensure bugs get fixed
  • Keep your distro size to a ‘reasonable level’
  • And more


If you fancy your chances as the next Mark Shuttleworth or Clement Lefebvre hit up the link below.

Linux Tycoon is currently in beta, lacks DRM, and costs a not-so-unreasonable $4.

Linux Tycoon

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