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Unity 5.2 Lands in Precise, Brings Numerous Changes

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Unity 5.2 has arrived in Ubuntu 12.04, a day after the release of alpha 2.

Unity 5.2 has under gonerigorouslytesting over the past weeks or so ahead of its deposit in Ubuntu 12.04.Along with much improved multi-monitor supportcome a handful of other notable changes.

Holding down the ‘Super’ key displays a Keyboard shortcut overlay on the desktop:

Shortcut Overlay

The ‘Home Lens’ no longer displays 8 giant icons; the default view now provides you with an overview of recently used apps, documents and downloads. A rather smart implementation meansapplicationsalready locked to the Unity launcher do not appear in the recently used list.

Home Lens

All of the stock lenseshave benefitted from avisualtidy-up. Inparticularthe Music Lenswhose filter list is now displayed over a more spacious 3-columns:

The music lens in Unity 5.2

Hide ‘Apps for Download’

A new filter option in the Application Lens will please those who don’t care much for the ‘Apps Available to Download’ pane. Checking ‘Local Apps’ under ‘Sources‘ will remove software suggestions.

Local or Remote Apps

Elsewhere the Unity Launcher has gained”push to reveal” launcherbehaviourto avoidaccidentalrevealing it when using applications, support formiddle-click pastingin Alt+F2 has been added, and the Alt+Tab switcher now only cycles through applications open on the present workspace.

A full list of what’s new and improved can be read in this changelog.