Toki Tori

Adorable chicken-themed platform game Toki Tori has hatched on Linux for the first time thanks to the Humble Bundle for Android.

The aim of the game sounds simple – assuming the role of a Chicken you work you way through 80 levels spread over 4 worlds collecting eggs. Sounds simple right? Oh no. Things are a lot more challenging than that…

The game is a late addition to the line-up of the currently running offer, but free to anyone who has already purchased the bundle. Making life easy, .Deb installers are provided for Ubuntu users.

So far the Humble Bundle for Android has amassed over $800,000 in sales, from over 133,000 sales. Not bad going! As is par the course, Linux users continue to pay the most with an average spend of $8.43 per bundle.

Thanks to Richard


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