Humble Indie Bundle 4 logo

The latest Humble Indie Bundle looks to be on a course to shatter previous sales totals – and the generosity of Linux users is, like bundles previous, playing a part in that.

Almost one week after the launch of the gaming pack, which plays stage to the Linux debut of 7 titles, the average payment from Linux users sits at double that offered up by users of the Windows platform.

Current Average Payment Per OS:

  • Windows $4.58
  • Mac $7.43
  • Linux $10.30

Linux, Y U PAY MOST?

Why do Linux users pay more than their windows counterparts?

In the past I’ve hypothesised that the ‘novelty’ of paying for software, along with a ‘societal-esque’ regard for third-party development on the Linux platform, could be helping to fuel the generosity.

Windows users are used to paying for software, making the act of doing so a more ‘functionary’ procedure with less emotion tied to it.

Either way it’s nice to see that Linux users are splashing their cash in the name of a good cause – and when the games are this good it’s hard to say no.

If you bought this bundle, or any of the previous bundles, what did you pay and why?