Four more games have been added to the Humble Voxatron Debut, the latest promotional offer from the minds behind the ‘Humble Indie Bundle’.

The Humble Voxatron Debut lets you set how much you want to pay for an alpha of voxel-based platform shooter ‘Voxatron’. Buying the game entitles you to future updates, levels and characters for free.

The newly-added games include the International Games Festival winning Gish, an innovative puzzle game in which you play as a ball of tar with unique physics.

Also added are three mini-games from Voxatron’s developers: the platform-style ‘Jasper’s Journeys’, and puzzle games ‘Zen Puzzle Garden’ and ‘Chocolate Castle’!

The new titles sit alongside the previously added games ‘The Binding of Issac’ and ‘Blocks that Matter’.

‘Linux user pay most’

The Humble Voxatron Bundle has thus far made over $700,000 in 10 days, with 4 days still to go.

As with previous bundle offers Linux users pay the most (an average of $8.21) for the games. This is over $2 more than Mac OS X users ($6.49) and almost $4 more than Windows users are willing pay ($4.69).

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