A sequel to the hugely successful game ‘Steel Storm’ is in the works – and it’s coming to Linux first.

Unlike the top-down space shoot ’em up of its 2-episode predecessor, ‘Steel Storm 2’ will be ‘an old-school FPS in the spirit of Doom and Quake’, according to the newly-launched teaser site.

Even better, the site states: “Linux [will be] served first.”

Release date and pre-order

There’s no word on exactly when “Steel Storm 2” will land publicly, although a pre-order initiative just launched entitles early buyers with access to development builds. Pre-orders currently cost $5, but will rise to $20 by the games arrival.

Further information can be found on the teaser site.

The first two episodes of Steel Storm can be purchased from the Ubuntu Software Centre or Desura.

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