If you have an aspiration to becoming a Linux power-user then nabbing a copy of the Debian Administrators handbook isn’t a bad way to go about it.

To whet your appetites a free chapter has been released online which covers a multitude of APT related subjects, tools and configuration. With this you can learn more about using apt-get, aptitude, update-manager, synaptic and more to their full potential.

Debian Handbook | Free Chapter

The Whole #!

The english translation of the Debian Administrators Handbook, which was originally published in French back in 2005, will be made available for purchase in the coming months having been successfully funded by an online campaign. The $15,000 raised to enable the English translation only goes part of the way to redressing the amount of time invested in the project.

A secondary target of  $25,000 is also being campaigned for. Should this be reached the source of the book will be ‘liberated’ and made available for free under a Creative Commons and GPL license in a variety of open-formats

Keeping to its open-source subject matter, the book has been created using open-source tools.

The ‘Liberation’ target has 2 weeks remaining and half its funding to go.

To donate to the campaign and see the Debian power-users bible made freely available visit ulule.com/debian-handbook/

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