Development on the popular ‘Bisigi‘ GTK+ themes has come to an end.

Writing on the French Ubuntu forum, ‘ZgegBall’, the themes’ developer, quietly announced the ‘competition’ of the project and that users should not expect support for Bisigi themes in Ubuntu 11.10 or GNOME 3.

‘Shining examples’

The Bisigi themes project began in early 2009.

At that time, within a sea of ‘thrown together’ themes, the Bisigi themes stood out as shining examples of how gorgeous the GNOME desktop could look when all of its various elements are designed to work together.

Screen shot 2011 11 09 at 10 17 31

The themes went on to be featured all over the internet, including on many mainstream websites such as Lifehacker, who said of them: –

“Bisigi Themes remix Linux in eye opening ways.”

Not the end entirely?

But it might not be the final end.

As we saw with graphics app Pinta, the community could take over the project.

ZgegBall, the main developper, is OK with this, and should someone wish to port the themes to GTK 3, maintain the repositories and continue developing new themes under the Bisigi banner, they just need to get in contact with him.

thanks to Nepenthes

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