I’m currently addicted to various Boggle-style word games available via the Android market.

Needing to ‘get a fix’ when on Ubuntu at my desk I headed into the Ubuntu Software Centre to see if I could find something similar.

What is a Boggle Style Game?

The premise of ‘boggle style word games’ is to find as many words as possible from adjacent letters in a grid.

Words can be created by joining letters horizontally, vertically or diagonally in any direction, with the only rules being that letters have to be next to each other; words must be of at least 3 letters in length; and each letter can only be used once a single word.


‘Tanglet’ was the only result I found in the Software Centre, but as it’s pretty comprehensive and well designed there isn’t much need to find something else.

Tanglet word game in Ubuntu

To help make things that bit more interesting Tanglet chucks in a variety of play modes. These range from simple countdowns to ‘3 incorrect words and the game ends’.

tanglet timer modes

Other features include a larger board (with a 4letter word minimum), and a score board for you to log your progress.

Tanglet is available to install via the Ubuntu Software Centre in Ubuntu 10.10 onwards.

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