Thelatest’stable’ (stopchucklingat the back) version of Adobe’s Flash Player has been released.

Adobe Flash 11 adds native 64-bit support, NVidia VDPAU and Broadcom Crystal HD acceleration, as well as a slewof technical featuresfor web developers and flash programmers to take advantage of.

Also debuting is Adobe’s Stage 3D technology which, Adobe claim, lets ‘developers …deliver cinematic,console-quality gamesboth in browsers and in apps‘.


Adobe Flash Player 11 can be found on Adobe’s website @


Adobe Flash Player 11 – including the native 64bit build – can also be installed from the Canonical Partner Repo in Ubuntu 11.04 and 11.10.

64bit Ubuntu Hardy through Oneiricusers may prefer to upgrade/install using theunofficial FlashPPA maintained by SevenMachine.

Do note that at the time of writing this has yet to be updated with the stable release, and contains a previous beta build.

To do this addppa:sevenmachines/flashto your Software Sources (See here), update and then install the ‘flashplugin64-installer’package from Synaptic or the Ubuntu Software Centre.

Thanks toAlessandro


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