The Linux client for Spotify has been updated.

Were we playing eye-spy I’d be spying something beginning with the letter ‘F’ right about now…

New Features in Spotify 0.6.1 on Linux

Yep, version 0.6.1 is mainly an update adding Facebook-related features (as per yesterdays big announcement).

When logging into your Facebook account via Spotify you will be asked to grant the app ‘access to your Timeline’.

The ‘main window’ pane see the addition of two tabs to the top strip – ‘Top Lists’ (listing geographically related charts) and ‘Feed’ (listing tracks shared by your Facebook buddies.)

And to aid filling up your feed with shared tracks is the introduction of a ‘sharing’ button next to each and every track. Click it and a dialogue appears for quick posting to Facebook, Twitter, Spotify or – oddly – Windows Live.

Perhaps the only non-Facebook related change was to the log in screen, which is now white instead of puke green: –

The update does contains one significant bug that may be worth not-updating for: Sound Menu support for Spotify is broken.

Although clicking ‘next/prev/play still perform their required jobs the ‘Play’ button remains in ‘Play’ mode, and no album art or track information is displayed in the menu.


Spotify for Linux is only available to subscribing (i.e. paying) users. Ubuntu 32bit and 64bit can install the client by following the instructions @

Thanks to Larry & Flimm

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