Novacut, the open source project aiming be the world’s first collaborative video editor has reached its last week on crowd funding site Kickstarter – but they’re still a long way off their goal of $25,000 in funding.

As OMG! Ubuntu! editor Akshat Jain wrote earlier this month, “OS X and Windows users always had no shortage of pro video editors but Linux never had such privilege. Novacut project aims to bring a pro video editor to Linux that is 100% free and open source right down to every single detail.”

Over a year ago, Novacut attempted tocrowdfund their product project using Kickstarterbutfaileddue to little publicity. This time they’re back with support fromsome famous artists, The best everbrand identityby the kickass Ian ‘Izo’ Hex, and a full blownUser Experience focus.

Currently the project is sitting at just over half of their total goal ($13,180), but there’s only 5 days left for them to reach the lofty $25,000 they’ll need to make this cool project a reality and bring decent video editing to Linux. Per Kickstarter rules, if a project doesn’t reach their goal, they don’t get to keep any money at all.

How you can help

Head on over to Kickstarter and pledge some money if you feel Novacut is a worthy project. If every person who reads this pledged $1, Novacut could reach their goal by tomorrow.

But if you can’t donate, maybe someone else can! Use the Share buttons on this article to spread the message and let’s make this project a reality.

via Google+, Jason DeRose

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