A PPA for easy installation of elegant Ubuntu theme fork ‘Ambiance Evolution’ is now available for users of Ubuntu 10.10 and 11.04.


Ambiance Evolution is the work of DeviantArt user ~simplygreat, and see the theme mod upgrade the stock Ubuntu Ambiance version to a borderless beauty boasting Ubuntu One style dark toolbars and improved application sliders, progress bars and buttons.

The theme also comes with customized styles for elementary applications such as e-mail application Postler, file-browser Nautilus Elementary and music application Beatbox.

How to upgrade

To upgrade to the theme, which replaces the default version supplied in Ubuntu, add ‘ppa:victored/ambiance-evolution’ to your Software Sources before running an update via Update Manager.

To revert to the ‘stock’ version of the Ambiance theme you will need to first remove the Ambiance-Evolution PPA, before downgrading your ‘Light-themes’ package using the Synaptic Package Manager.

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