So with an awesome GNOME 3.0 out I already had some stuff prepared for 3.2 that can show off some of the power and awesomeness Zeitgeist could provide for GNOME 3.2

The designs are random till now and we (Federico, Siegfried and me) are waiting for directions. Until then we are doing what we think somehow makes sense for new GNOME 3.2 features.

So things we have cooking are:




This is all working code and here is a video to prove it.

None of these things are final yet so feel free to criticize. We have all the pieces we need so it is up to the design team to come up with a final design so we can implement it (sponsored by Collabora). I will be sending a mail to the mailing list soon.

Happy hacking everybody and congratulations for the GNOME 3.0 release…