Bad news, guys! Looks like we’re having some server issues and the site is falling back to a command line prompt when you visit.

Luckily, though, here at OMG! Ubuntu!, we’re always prepared for any eventuality and “X server issues” (which are fairly frequent, actually) are no exception.

The command line fallback was cleverly designed to be able to provide the best plain text experience ever when viewing OMG! Ubuntu!

Featuring a comprehensive site navigation system (ever heard of “cd?”), easy to read monospace articles (with no advertisements or distracting neon orange colours and huge vertical-space hogging banners!), wget for you to use all of our bandwidth, auto tab-completion, a friendly milk-delivering cow, and even a command that delivers a seemingly random inspirational quote, OMG! Ubuntu!’s fallback command line will keep you reading the articles even when you can’t see em.™

We’re working flat-out trying to fix the problem here at OMG! Ubuntu! HQ. We’re very sorry for the inconvenience. Actually, sorry for everything. Please don’t complain. We promise we’ll be good.

Psst! Got a neckbeard? Bash will always be available at

…And our server is running Oneiric.

P.P.S Imma let you finish, but Volley Brawl is the best game of all time.

Breaking fooled you