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Longhorn Linux transformation pack hits beta, adds auto-installer

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

Long for the look of the Windows OS that never was? The Longhorn Linux transformation pack has hit beta and now comes with an automatic installation script for simple installation on Ubuntu 10.10.

Longhorn Linux transformation pack

The transformation pack contains (and installs) the following applications and themes: –

  • GnoMenu and Longhorn menu theme
  • Aero-style GTK themes
  • Windows icons
  • Windows fonts
  • Screenlets and sidebar
  • Nautilus-elementary
  • RGBA (transparency) enabled GTK
  • Emerald theme

Users should also be aware that: –

  • The set-up script will delete all Emerald themes
  • RGBA GTK has many issues including incompatibility with some applications

If you’re still interested you will find the relevant download available @ under the ‘Downloads’ section. Once downloaded extract the .zip. Double click on the ‘’ inside, choosing ‘run in Terminal’ when prompted.

Once again: This is a beta release and is not guaranteed to install or work perfectly. Do not install unless you’re capable of cleaning up afterwards should something go wrong.