Shutter is often cited as the best screenshot tool on any platform, not just Linux.

The latest version maintains this kudos, adding an even brighter flash to the already well lit picture many have of the app formally known as GScrot

Auto-resize windows for app snaps

Shutter 0.87 brings with it the ability to capture most app windows to a predefined size. Once set, windows are automatically resized upon for capture, before being conveniently restored back to initial size afterwards.

It should be noted that not every application is resizable or can be resized. If you find your screenshot looking a bit wider than expected it’s likely due to size resizing constraints of the application itself, not a bug in Shutter.

Rounded window borders

Shutter is now able to snap ’rounded’ window borders. Well, sort of.

The feature requires Shutter to do a little bit of rejigging when taking an image, but this, thankfully, is all done without the need for user input.

This option is not enabled by default, so be sure to enable it via Shutter’s Preferences to rid your grabs of blocky angular corners on windows.

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Other changes

Aside from the two tent-pole features there are some other less bombastic changes to be found in this update. These include:-

  • Set Shutter to auto-start at login
  • Shutter now runs as a single instance; no more duplicate Shutters
  • Choose to not save images to your hard-drive, instead keeping them in the clipboard
  • Global menu support has been fully tested and tweak in time for Natty
  • EXIF orientation support
  • New callout shapes



Shutter 0.87 can be installed in Ubuntu Hardy through Natty using the Shutter PPA @ ppa:shutter/ppa.

PPAs not your thing? Pre-packaged .deb files can be downloaded @

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