Another week and another Wine development release.

What has version 1.3.9 spilt out over the tablecloth we call the desktop?

  • Beginnings of support for ActiveX in built-in browser.
  • Icons on Internet shortcut menu entries.
  • Standardization of code implementing COM interfaces.
  • New scheme for auto-generated DLL registrations.
  • OpenCL library wrapper.
  • Translation updates.

Bug fixes

Notable bugs fixed in 1.3.9 include: –

  • Windows Live Movie Maker fails to install
  • Lightworks : Unhandled page fault on read access
  • utorrent icon in systray is blank and unclickable
  • No mp3’s playing in Age of Empires 3

Full change log can be read @


As ever the Ubuntu Wine PPA is home to this latest development release. This is located @ ppa:ubuntu-wine/ppa.

Wine 1.2 users will need to run ‘sudo apt-get install wine1.3′ to upgrade.

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