Ubuntu design team member Otto Greenslade blogged about a set of new Ubuntu-style emoticons for use on the Canonical design blog at the weekend – and you can now use them in Pidgin.

And you know what? They’re really quite awesome: –


We made a similar set of emoticons based on the OMG! speech bubble icon for use in the OMG! Ubuntu! forum earlier last month: –


We intended to package these emoticons up for use in Empathy, Pidgin, etc however since Otto’s icons are much more Ubuntu-y – and the fact an ace person by the name of Robbie has already packaged them up for Pidgin – we no longer need to.


Install the Ubuntu-style emoticons in Pidgin

  1. Download:
    1. http://people.canonical.com/~robbiew/smileys/Pidgin_Ubuntu_smileys.tgz 
  2. Open Pidgin > Tools > Preferences and select the ‘Themes’ tab
  3. Drag and drop the downloaded smileys.tgz on to this window
  4. Ta da!
Download Eye Candy pidginthemes