Back in September we featured the extremely useful ‘Android Notifier’ application which displays alerts and notifications from your Android device on your Ubuntu desktop – making it a perfect addition to anyone with a penchant for missing calls whilst playing Minecraft.

If you’re an elementary user using the app be sure to check out these replacement panel icons by reader Calou.


You can download the original version in ‘Elementary style’  here or a  ‘bugdroid’ version here.

Save your chosen icon to  your desktop before moving it to the following folder, replacing/backup up the original in the process.

  • Press ‘ALT’+’F2′ together
  • Enter the following text
    • gksu nautilus /usr/share/icons/
  • Move your downloaded icon to this folder.

Note that the icon needs to be named ‘android-notifier-desktop.png’.

Download Android elementary