The newly released OpenShot 1.2.2 will be available for users of Ubuntu 10.10 to install, thanks the the approval of a ‘freeze exception request’ by Ubuntu. 

The news is both good and bad – whilst this latest version boasts many great new additions and improvements it’s flagship feature – 3D animated titles using Blender – will not work by default due to the requirement of a later Blender release than will be shipped in Ubuntu.

OpenShot developer Jonathan Thomas talking on the topic says: –

“Blender 2.5 will not be included in Ubuntu 10.10, but the 3D title feature will fail gracefully, and instruct the user how to proceed.’

I also fully expect the Blender integration to be broken a few times by newer releases of Blender 2.5, until it’s official release. So, we are planning on a few small bug fix releases when that happens.”

Users will be able to install Blender 2.5 manually to make use of the feature.

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