Ubuntu’s education spin ‘Edubuntu’ has gained a new-look installer, some new applications and much more for its 10.10 release coming next month.

Talking about the changes Edubuntu’s Jonathan Carter notes that whilst 10.10 doesn’t see the spin receive as big a overhaul as 10.04 had it nevertheless continues to build on the work laid down then, making for a ‘very good’ release.


Users are able to install alternative interfaces, such as the  Unity Netbook interface and/or LTSP (Linux Terminal Server Project ), direct from the Live CD installer.


Along with an improved installer comes an improved installation slideshow, which you can preview online here.

The Edubuntu project has a new new look website @ edubuntu.org


New wallpapers

Whilst the default wallpaper in Edubuntu remains the same there is a selection of alternative wallpapers included. Some of these are particularly striking and can be downloaded individually @ edubuntu.org/wallpapers.


Eagle-eyed readers may spot that one of the wallpapers is the very awesome Periodic Table wallpaper we first blogged about back in August – good choice, Edubuntu!

Gnome Nanny

Also included in the 10.10 release is GNOME Nanny, a parental control application that allows an administrator to create ‘rules’ on a per user basis to limit the amount of time they can spend using the Internet or control the sites that they can view.

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