The name of Mavericks successor in the alliterative naming stakes has been revealed by Mark Shuttleworth to be ‘Natty Narwhal’.

No, really it is.

Our self-appointed benevolent dictator for life has posted a fluid reasoning behind the choice of name over on his blog.

And a short explanation of the what on earth a Narwhal actually is.

Dressed to impress

In his post Mark states that the intent is to make the Narwhal release ‘the best-dressed ever’ with both ‘style and substance’.

He continues ‘Once Maverick is out the door we’ll be turning our attention to making the most of the amazing capabilities of modern graphics hardware, both for outer beauty and for inner efficiency.’

Whilst focus may, for a short time, switch to 11.04 in the dreams, hopes and aspirations of many, let us not forget that the Maverick Meerkat is due to rear its head later this year, when Ubuntu shall once again redefine the Linux desktop experience for end users.

Image | DoctorMo

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