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monobolin – Moblin meets Ubuntu-mono, makes beautiful icon theme

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

The Moblin icon set (now MeeGo) boasts a wonderfully clean look that not only looks good but doesn’t blind you with gloss or loud colours either.

If you like the refined look of the Moblin icon set then meet ‘Monoblin’ – a new hybrid icon theme, combining aspects of the Moblin icon set with the default Ubuntu Mono icon theme, merging to create a fantastically useable and consistent interface.

Moblin icons are only used for action, status and toolbar icons. All other icons use their Ubuntu-mono theme counterparts. The result is a symbolic style for action icons, going with Gnome 2.28’s more sparing use of colours and icons.

Also available for use with the set is a tweaked version of the Victory GTK theme in which Dylan as “added back Murrine’s simpler default look for expander widgets” and brought “a little closer to stock Ubuntu.”

He goes on to note one particular change: “I changed the menus in a somewhat unusual way, replacing divider lines with whitespace that actually divides things.”

The end result is something very, very mellow and useable and makes for a refreshing change when compared to the ever-more-glossy theme sets emerging.

All of this was whipped together by the very cool Dylan McCall who dropped a link off in the OMG! inbox earlier today – and very grateful we are too! Thanks!