Today we got an email in our inbox from a person named Marko who wanted to share with us a website that his company is working on.

The site, called Lin App is aimed at building a comprehensive list of commercial Linux applications, from first-person shooter games and flight simulators to professional 3D animation, CAD and photo editing suites.

I must admit, at first I judged the book by its cover but consider me super impressed!

These guys have put together an amazingly comprehensive and stunningly beautiful catalogue of quality software that most of us probably doesn’t know exist. In Marko’s own words:

One of the issues we had was finding professional (commercial) Linux application. Don’t get me wrong. There are a lot of free professional looking applications but sometimes you just need more. Finding those applications is really hard as there were few, almost none, websites that list commercial applications for Linux. So we have decided to create website that will promote commercial Linux applications and so we made

Our motto: More Linux applications = More Linux users = Even more Linux applications = Better Linux support.

I completely agree with Marko – commercial software and industry support will further help Ubuntu become mainstream. It’s clear that there are a tonne of quality commercial applications available, but discovering them currently is next to impossible.

Wouldn’t it be amazing if all of this great software could be packaged for Ubuntu and be available for purchase directly in the Software Centre? Maybe, with Ubuntu introducing support for paid applications in the software centre in Ubuntu 10.10, it just might happen!

So what sort of applications does the site feature?

Everything from the programs you’ve heard about like Bibble and Lightzone, but a tonne of awesome applications and games you probably haven’t heard of, such as:

  • VariCAD
  • Realsoft 3D
  • Houdini 3D Animation
  • Noise Ninja
  • Heavy Gear II
  • UltraMixer
  • Silent Wings Flight Simulator
  • Brukkon
This software looks fairly high quality, just take these trailers for Silent Wings and Machinarium as an example:
I highly recommend you go and check the site out. Even better, if the application has a demo, they let you know and provide download links!
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