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Chromium’s new ‘unified menu’ is now enabled by default in the Chromium Daily build.

The ‘single menu’ approach to listing options and features is something a lot of browser are currently in the midst of migrating to: we’ve seen it in Opera during the 10.50 and 10.60 releases, Firefox 4 beta has a ‘menu’ button on top for Windows users and now Chrome is in on the action by ditching merging it’s already minimal 2-button menu set-up into one.

Rather neatly the unified menu tries very hard NOT to shove things into submenu’s as with Opera and Firefox, instead opting to place everything in reach with most configuration options contained in the Preferences menu.

The other notable difference is the morphing of cut/copy/paste into actual buttons rather than regular menu entries and combines the zoom options with full-screen, again into click-able buttons rather than pre-defined sub-menu options. 

Google Chrome Dev channel users who want to test the solo menu out can add the following flag to enable it: –


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