Mono iconsDo you use software tracking service Wakoopa? If so you may have installed the desktop plug-in in Ubuntu and noticed that the icon it uses a little bit on the bright side.

You lost me at ‘Wakoopa’. What is it?

Wakoopa, put simply, monitors what applications and software you install, use and like and uses this data to make recommendations of other, in some cases better, applications than you currently use or that it thinks you would like to use.

This is most accurately done via a desktop tracker application provided by Wakoopa. The ‘spy’ runs in the background on your computer paying attention to running software. It then publishes this information to your Wakoopa profile for your friends to see.

Mono-icons for Wakoopa

The desktop application is great but it does lack mono-icons. Thankfully mktemp has come to your rescue by making some mono replacement Wakoopa icons which you can download @

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