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Banshee getting full iPod/iPhone support – could still become Maverick default?

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

As part of Novell’s annual Hack week event Alan McGovern, of Moonlight and MonoTorrent fame, will be working on the much requested libgpod binding and integration work for Banshee ” which has the potential to bring with it the same level of support for Apple devices as is currently seen in Rhythmbox.

It should be noted that this issue is, reportedly, one of the significant issues keeping Banshee from becoming the default media player in Ubuntu 10.10. Perhaps if Alan’s work goes well, and given we’re quite far from Mavericks’ feature freeze, Banshee could still be in with a shot at being the default media player in Ubuntu 10.10?

Time, and hard work, will tell…

Thanks to our Banshee news canon David Nielsen