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Make WINE Apps Look Better In Ubuntu

Notice: This post is more than a year old. It may be outdated.

WINE – love it or loathe it you probably have it installed for one reason or another (‘must have’ Windows application or because of Google Picasa etc).

It also tends to look butt ugly so here’s a few quick tips on how to get it looking that weenie bit nicer.

1. Use A Windows Theme File

WINE does support using Windows themes so you can easily install the blue crayola look from XP in WINE and your apps will look like their in Windows XP. I found this solution to be a good compromise if eye candy is really important BUT i found it slowed some of my applications down to a crawl on a 3.0ghz dual core 4GB RAM system….

Windows XP Theme – (link since broken)

(Many other Windows themes work such as the Microsoft Energy Blue Theme and popular themese such as ‘Zune’ etc)

To install just open up WINE, choose the ‘Desktop integration’ tab, theme, Install Theme and locate the .msstyle file. Simple!

2. Make It Match!

Whilst there is still not any de facto way to get your Windows Apps to match your GTK themes, the following tips/apps make it pretty near close!

First of all download the following: –

  • Jasmin 3D Color Changer 4 (link since broken)
  • DisplaySet (link since broken)

Unzip both of the folders you just downloaded and install them both by clicking the Setup.exe of each one following the prompts, etc as you would any normal windows application.

Set The Fonts

Open Nautilus, press CTRL+L and type


Navigate to your C:/ Drive, Program Files > DisplaySet, and open DisplaySet.exe.

Change all of your WINE fonts to match those you use in your normal Ubuntu desktop (System > Preferences > Appearance > Fonts). So if you use ‘Droid Sans’ as your document font in Ubuntu, set ‘Droid Sans’ as the equivalent in WINE.

Match The Colours

Next, navigate your WINE C:/ drive then head to Program Files/JaSMiN Co/3D Color Changer 4 and open Js3Dcc.exe.

You can either find a ready made scheme from which has many Ubutnu/Linux styled themes already (such as human). Another site (more windows orientated but worth a look) is


You can manually modify your colours using the RGB section under the example window for a more perfect match.