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Help Bring GNOME Games Up to Scratch

The fifteen gamesmaintainedby the GNOME Games projectare in need of help.

With the rest of the GNOME desktop evolving around them the games developers ‘have struggled to keep up with the latest GNOME technology’.

And as they fell further behind it’s become harder for the project torecruitnew developers willing to bring the titles up to par. As such thegames have stagnated, becoming out-dated and lacking in features compared to the rest of the desktop environment they sit within.

Which is where you can help.

ModernisingGNOME Games

Eight of the games have been chosen for a concertedmoderisation effort: –

  • Chess
  • Five or More
  • Mines
  • Tetravex
  • Iagno
  • Mahjongg
  • Sudoku
  • Swell Foop

A ‘matrix’ of tasks that need doing can be found on the GNOME wiki.

These range from finishing ports to the vala programming language, to creating new artwork.

The team says that all of the tasks ‘should be able to be completed independently and shouldn’t be too complex to achieve’ – so if you’ve ever felt like giving back to GNOME here’s your chance.