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Ubuntu 10.10 Release Schedule

The release schedule for the next +1 version of Ubuntu ‚Ä” the as-yet unnamed Ubuntu 10.10 ‚ÄėM’ ‚Ä” was put up on the Ubuntu Wiki a few days ago.

The release dates are as follows: –

Ubuntu 10.10

  • Alpha 1 ‚Ä” June 3rd
  • Alpha 2 ‚Ä” July 1st
  • Alpha 3 ‚Ä” August 5th
  • Alpha 4 ‚Ä” September 2nd
  • Beta ‚Ä” September 23rd
  • Release Candidate ‚Ä” October 21st
  • Ubuntu 10.10 ‚Ä” October 28th

You can add the Ubuntu 10.10 Release Schedule to your Google Calendar by clicking here.