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Flickr Apps: Frogr – A Gnome Flickr Organizer. (Almost)

Frogr is a desktop Flickr Organizer For Gnome. Or at least it will be.

Frogr only currently supports uploading of Photos to Flickr and the option to edit file details (titles, description, tags, etc) before uploading, but the developers have grand plans in their hands: -

At this moment frogr is basically a flickr uploader for GNOME, but the
plan is to iteratively evolve it towards a complete flickr manager which
should allow things such as modifying properties for already uploaded
pictures, managing flickr albums an so forth.

Although the features are still coming along, the current release is a handy tool for bulk uploads to Flickr.


[Frogr 0.1]


LogoYou can download Frogr as a .deb from the “official” site @

There you can also find details on joining in with the development and future of the application.