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‘Test Drive’ for Natty now allows install-free try out of almost every app in Ubuntu

Ubuntu 11.04's neat 'Test Drive' feature - which allows you to try applications without installing them - just got a whole lot better. Earlier today Stéphane Graber has announced that the service now allows for test-driving of almost every application and utility that is installable via the Ubuntu Software Centre. That's over 1300 different applications!

7 April 2011
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‘Test Drive’ offers install-free app try-outs in Ubuntu 11.04

Amongst the never-ending-list-of-really-cool-features new in Ubuntu 11.04 is 'Test Drive' - a new Software Centre feature that allows you to try applications without installing them.

27 March 2011
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Test drive, err, Testdrive’s new GTK Frontend

A demo version of Andres Rodriguez’s GSoC work on a new GTK front-end for Ubuntu Development testing application TestDrive is now available for brave users to try out. User should note that the Front-end is […]

22 June 2010