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Spread Ubuntu site gets slick new look, domain

Where am I? No, I don't know either. Why? The "relaunch" of the new-look Spread Ubuntu site - which offers a massive online catalogue of downloadable marketing materials for Ubuntu - has happened and I didn't notice!

9 November 2010
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Five Ways to Help Promote Ubuntu

Love Ubuntu? Help spread the word.

7 July 2010
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Ubuntini: The Ubuntu-inspired cocktail

Next time you’re at the bar you could help spread the Ubuntu word by ordering up an ‘Ubuntini’. “A What?” The Ubuntini is both a cocktail recipe and a messaging-spreading initiative borne of the Vancouver […]

18 May 2010
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21 gorgeous CD labels for Lucid

You could leave your freshly burnt CD-R of Ubuntu 10.04 looking average or you could splash out and paste on one of these lovelies designed by leogg instead. First impressions count and all that!    In […]

26 April 2010