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GNOME Devs Help User Solve “Barking Laptop” Problem

Is your Ubuntu laptop barking at you? For one user it is, and it is worrying their actual dog. Confused, they turned to GNOME developers for assistance.

27 April 2022

Download Mass Effect Composer’s Ubuntu 14.04 Start Up Sounds

Award winning composer Sam Hulick, famed for his music scores in top tier gaming titles like Mass Effect, has released a set of alternative start-up sounds for Ubuntu 14.04 LTS.

16 April 2014
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New Ubuntu Start-Up Sound Chosen

The results of the recent Ubuntu Sound Theme survey, which asked users to pick a new start up for Ubuntu 12.04 from a shortlist of 4 sounds, are in. Was your favourite chosen? Find out inside...

20 February 2012
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Ubuntu Sound Theme Shortlist Ready – You Help Pick the Winner

Four user-created sound themes have been shortlisted with a view to shipping as default in Ubuntu 12.04. It’s now up to you which of the four goes on to receive additional development. Thoughts, critique and […]

15 February 2012
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Ubuntu Sound Gallery could make finding and installing sound themes easy

Dylan McCall, seemingly frustrated by the lack of refinement in packaging and promoting of sound themes for Ubuntu, has ideas on how finding and installing sound themes in Ubuntu could be made better. He's knocked up a prototype 'Sound theme gallery' where one can preview sound themes without the need to download. Also provided are download links and a quick 'how-to' on installing Sound themes in Ubuntu.

22 May 2011