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‘New Unity Stack’ Approved for Ubuntu 13.04, Will Bring ‘Smarter’ Search to the Desktop

An improved, smarter and more diverse search experience will feature in Ubuntu 13.04.

15 March 2013

IMDb, GrooveShark, eBay and More to Be Searchable from Unity in 13.04

Ubuntu wants to be more helpful and more relevant than it is at present - as well as faster.

4 February 2013

Unity to Ship with Smarter Dash Search in 13.04

In an attempt to both broaden the types of data that can be searched from the Dash and increase the relevancy of results, Ubuntu and Canonical are to introduce some major improvements to the Scopes API.

30 January 2013

More Online Results Heading to Ubuntu Dash in 13.04

More online integration is coming to Ubuntu in its next release, Canonical have announced. Ubuntu 13.04 will 'fulfil' the goal of the Unity Dash to be a one-stop global search tool. It will include more 'Scopes', a new relevancy ranking system, and a wider range of commercial product suggestions.

7 December 2012