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First Alpha of Moonlight Desktop Environment Now Available for Testing

The first alpha of new modular Qt5 desktop environment 'Moonlight' has been released — despite the current shortcomings it looks promising.

7 July 2014
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Linux Silverlight Plugin Moonlight ‘Abandoned’

Moonlight, the third-party open-source implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight plugin, has been discontinued due to a lack of demand. The project, created in 2009, provided Linux users with a means to accessing websites and web content created using Silverlight.

4 June 2012
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Monster Mega Mono News Update

The Mono 2.8 preview release created some stir in our comment section when it was announced with performance improvements and a new more efficient memory system. It was since released , and had a maintance […]

10 December 2010
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MoonLight Silverlight plug-in for Linux hits 7th preview release, still working great

Moonlight – the OpenSource implementation of Microsoft’s SilverLight technology for Linux OSes – announced the availability of the seventh preview of version 3.0 a few days ago. Version 3.0 of Moonlight aims to be compatible […]

20 June 2010
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Silverlight For Linux

To view Silverlight embedded content on the web in Linux, simply install the ‘moonlight’ add-on for Firefox developed by Novell. (Them what make OpenSUSE!). The add-on is being developed with assistance from the hallowed redmond […]

3 December 2008