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Malware Found on the Ubuntu Snap Store

Malware has been found on the Ubuntu Snap Store, bundled inside two regular applications. Canonical says it has removed the apps in question and will investigate further.

13 May 2018
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Yes, This Trojan Infects Linux. No, It’s Not The Tuxpocalypse

Grab a crate of canned food, start digging a deep underground bunker and prepare to settle into a world that will never be the same again: a powerful trojan has been uncovered on Linux.

9 December 2014
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Yet More Malware Found on Gnome-Look

Yesterday we were the first to bring you the news about malware being targeted at Ubuntu users, and today, sadly, another malicious file was uploaded to gnome-look, this time masquerading as a theme called ‘Ninja’. […]

9 December 2009
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Malware Hidden Inside Screensaver On Gnome-Look

Malware has been found hidden inside an innocuous ‘waterfall’ screensaver .deb file made available on popular artwork sharing site The .deb file installs a script with elevated privileges designed to perform a DDoS attack […]

8 December 2009