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We Interview Linus Olsson, Co-Founder Of Flattr Micropayments Service

Flattr is a social micropayment service that's taking the Internet by storm, offering users a novel way to donate money to content creators, who then benefit for their hard work. Users are able to pay a small amount every month and then click Flattr buttons on sites to share the money they paid among those sites, comparable to an Internet tip jar. To find out more about Flattr, we decided it'd be worthwhile interviewing one of the co-founders: Linus Olsson. Read on!

8 November 2011
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#LCA2011 Interview: ex-Canonical Jeff Waugh talks beginnings of Ubuntu; Unity, GNOME

Yesterday I got a chance to sit down for an interview over lunch with one of the original founders of Ubuntu: ex-GNOME Release Manager and past Canonical employee Jeff Waugh.

26 January 2011