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[How To] Minimize Apps to the Unity Launcher in Ubuntu 12.04

Many first time users of Ubuntu’s Unity interface become slightly confusing by one aspect of the Launcher’s behaviour: minimising app windows. Coming from Windows, KDE, or other similar desktop environment, the first expectation of the […]

22 March 2012
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[How to] Enable tabbed conversations in Skype for Linux

There's no question that tabbed interfaces - be they in a web browser or chat application - help to streamline multitasking and window management. VoIP application Skype, seemingly seeing the benefits of such interfaces, recently introduced 'all-in-one' windows into their Windows and OS X clients. Skype for Linux on the other hand still sports the traditional multi-window interface. Enter SkypeTab, which enables tabbed conversations in Skype on Linux

10 June 2011