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Drag and drop Google Docs uploader for Ubuntu Unity

Create new Google Docs with a right click, and drag and drop compatible files onto the Launcher icon to have them upload to your Google Docs account with this very nifty Unity app...

2 June 2011
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Edit, work on & save your Google Docs via Nautilus, no browser needed!

Ever wanted to mount your Google Docs library as a drive in Nautilus so you can edit and save to your Google Docs directly from your desktop, no browser-needed? Everyone’s favorite tea-drinker Martin Owens has […]

12 August 2010
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ChromeOS Application Icons

The ChromeOS application menu has some pretty cool icons for applications – so much so I’ve cheekily popped some of them here for your downloadable convenience. All are 128×128 and would look great in docks […]

29 November 2009
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Integrate Google Docs With Ubuntu

The following plug-ins, scripts and extensions add Google Doc integration throughout Ubuntu.   Upload To Google Docs Via Nautilus You can easily upload a file to Google Doc’s via a Right Click with this User […]

10 September 2009