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Ubuntu Touch Nexus 5 Support On Hold, Other Nexus Devices Dropped

The new Google Nexus 5 handset will not become a reference device for Ubuntu Touch development, Canonical's engineers have confirmed.

13 January 2014

[How to] Easily Mount The Galaxy Nexus On Ubuntu 11.10

Mounting your Galaxy Nexus phone in Ubuntu has just gotten a whole lot easier. The following script adds a Unity applet with quicklist options for mounting and un-mounting the device safely - no terminal commands necessary.

22 December 2011

[How to] Connect your Android Ice Cream Sandwich Phone to Ubuntu for File Access

The Galaxy Nexus - such a great phone, and one that wows anyone who uses it. But there is one area in which the phone falls short: getting it hooked up to my Ubuntu laptop. Read on for a quick guide on accessing your Nexus S files from Ubuntu.

11 December 2011