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Facebook Video Chat Now Works in Ubuntu, No Plugin Needed

Facebook video chat now works in Ubuntu and other Linux distributions out-of-the-box using web technologies — no plugin or extra download required.

12 January 2015
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Facebook Chat Officialy Coming To Empathy In Lucid

Empathy in Lucid will have a pre-configured option for adding a Facebook Chat account thanks to Facebook opening up their Facebook Chat protocol earlier this week. Chatting to your Facebook contacts via most multi-protocol clients […]

11 February 2010
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Facebook Chat in Pidgin & Empathy With No Plugins!

Facebook made their ‘Facebook chat’ protocol all awesome and nice today by adding support for the Jabber/XMPP protocol. This means you can have facebook chat in Pidgin, Empathy, etc without the need for buggy third-party […]

10 February 2010
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Facebook Chat Plugin For Pidgin – Working Version

The facebook-chat plugin for Pidgin available in Ubuntu’s repositories is out-of-date and doesn’t work with recent versions of Pidgin spitting out “wrong-credentials” pop-ups and the like. Instead you’ll want to use the most recent version […]

11 November 2009