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Use Themes To Make DestroyTwitter Blend Into Your Ubuntu Desktop

DestroyTwitter is an Adobe Air based twitter client that is popular with many Ubuntu users. One of it’s lesser known features are its theming abilities. I’ve chucked together a list of some themes I’ve used […]

24 November 2009
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Dust Persona For Firefox

I feel like I’ve written far to many eye-candy related posts today, so i’ll finish on a good one. This a dust persona for Firefox that matches up with the Dust GTK theme. No extra […]

9 November 2009
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NewWave Firefox Themes

I’ve blogged previously about the Dust Firefox theme that seamlessly marries Firefox with the Dust GTK theme. Now it’s the turn of NewWave! Version One – NewWave Firefox Theme There is an official NewWave Firefox […]

6 November 2009
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Dust Themes Megapost – Themes For Empathy, Gwibber, Firefox, aMSN, AWN, Lock-Dialog & tons more

Dust is one of the most popular Ubuntu themes. So much so that is even now included in Ubuntu by default. Applications Whilst all GTK applications can adapt to Dust fine, those not written in […]

16 September 2009
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Dust Theme for Gwibber

Leo Lannacone has designed the perfect Gwibber theme to compliment the GTK Dust theme. You can download the code using bazaar*: – bzr branch lp:~l3on/gwibber/dust-theme To install it, put it into the following folder: ~/.local/share/gwibber/ui/themes/ […]

23 August 2009
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Dust Firefox Theme works with SwiftWeasel!

If you prefer your Firefox a bit speedier, you might already be using the custom Linux build called ‘Swiftweasel‘. (You can find it in Add/Remove) It is no suprise then that the DUST firefox theme […]

9 March 2009