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GNOME Shell notification redesign mockup

These Mockups Show How the GNOME Shell Notification Experience Could Be Improved

These mockups from the GNOME design team showcase an vastly improved notification area and calendar for the GNOME Shell desktop.

15 May 2019
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New GNOME 3 Notification Designs

GNOME designer Allan Day has uploaded a new proposal for the handling of system and application notifications in GNOME 3. His 'Notifications Redux' design proposes moving notifications to the lower-left hand side of the screen. Most of GNOME's current notification features are maintained, including urgency, actions, and hiding.

6 December 2011
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Latest GNOME 3 Nautilus Mock-ups Point to Refined Look

GNOME designer Allan Day has updated GNOME 3's Nautilus mock-ups with a refined new look. The changes see Nautilus follow GNOME 3's new application design patterns.

28 November 2011