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Super light Launcher Alawalk 0.4 released – boasts 21 plug-ins

The battle of the super-light launchers rocks on as the latest release of Alawalk 0.4 struts out into download land. Alawalk is an incredibly useful tool – see here for our comprehensive rundown of what […]

29 August 2010
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Lauf – the lightest launcher ever

Back in early July we featured ‘Alawalk’ – a lightweight launcher for the resource conscious. It was lean, mean and did its job. If you liked Alawalk but found the 72KiB RAm usage a bit […]

23 August 2010
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Meet Alawalk – possibly the lightest launcher ever!

Popular launcher applications Do and Kupfer may have some competition – say hello to the incredibly lightweight Alawalk. Alawalk, the brainchild of a developer named ‘hunterm‘, is a new launcher application made completely in plain bash. […]

7 August 2010